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Its clear that Noemi lives and breathes yoga. You don't just learn yoga in her class, you feel it flow out from her into you

Dean Cartwright

Noemi is a creative, knowledgeable and caring teacher. She is one of those ‘special teachers’ you don’t find very often. I did her summer yoga holiday and i felt sort of transformed after it because it helped me embed practice more regularly in to my life. And it was fun!

Jackie Chambers

I have practiced yoga extensively for a long period of time in the past with various teachers some of whom are quite reputable, so to meet a teacher of that caliber at More Yoga has been a great find... Noemi's classes have an integrity and depth that make a big difference and her teaching style is easy to learn from. Her grounded and compassionate approach translate to all levels and also I am making fast progress.

Niamh Ni Dhuiblearga

Noemi is a very inspirational teacher that shares passionately her respect and deep knowledge of the tradition of Yoga in a very authentic way, integrating the most philosophical concepts into the practice. She is able to spin the thread of practical knowledge in a smooth and natural way.

Jorge Cabellos (Yoga Evolution School)

I heard about the yoga class at Mattison Road from a friend but it took me a while to get there. When I did start I met my now wonderful teacher Noemi. She's unique, quirky, funny and inspiring through her teaching. I did my first retreat with her in Somerset and have also attended 2 of her workshops. Her teaching method combines practices with theory and spirituality. I know I have found the right teacher and I love her classes. Thank you Noemi.

Ximena Silva

Noemi is a truly inspiring  yoga teacher / practitioner. Her commitment to her own practice development is clearly illustrated through her teaching ...classes are fun, challenging and thorough! Her expertise is worth every penny! I love her sessions!.

Leonie Campbell

Noemi has been my teacher for about 4 years and I love her classes. In Prana Vinyasa Flow, her unique style combines a strong asana practice with a moving meditation element, and her knowledge on the philosophy helps the practitioner connect to the foundations of yoga. She is brilliant.

Kelly Meiessaar

Noemi is a very friendly and helpful teacher who always adjusts her classes to the needs of her pupils in line with our planet's seasonal rhythms to bring out the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga practice

David Kula Zukas

For the past few years Noemi has delivered Yoga Nidra at SOAS university as part of our Well Being During Exams events.  The way that she teaches is outstanding and students benefit greatly in terms of helping them manage stress levels and to learn to relax.

Carol John

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