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 Noemi has studied and practised Yoga since 2004 and taught since 2009. During her first visit to India she met yogini Smriti Singh from Varanasi, who introduced Noemi to the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. Since then she’s been regularly to India to develop her practice under Smriti’s guidance. In India she also explored Ashtanga Vinyasa during a brief period  living in Mysore.

In the UK Noemi has completed the 500 hours British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma and  studied with very inspiring teachers. In 2011 she met Shiva Rea who completely transformed Noemi’s way of practising, teaching and living Yoga.

The last seven years Noemi has been deeply immersed in the study and the practice of the different modalities of Vinyasa  specially Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama and Viniyoga.  Noemi graduated from 500h Prana Vinyasa Flow at Samudra School of Living Yoga  (Shiva Rea)  with whom she continues to study,  she  also graduated  from The Art of Individual Teaching  ( Yoga therapy and philosophy) with Ranju Roy and David  Charlton at Sadhana Mala within the Krishnamacharya- Desikachar’s tradition.

Her interest in Yoga philosophy and Sanskrit led Noemi to study South Asian Studies at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London)  from where she graduate in 2012. She also has a lifelong love for music which is manifesting now in Kirtan devotional singing and Harmonium with Sulekh Ruparell.

Noemi classes are challenging, fun and creative respecting the tradition and philosophy behind the practice. She combines ‘Solar’ (strong/dynamic) Vinyasa with ‘Lunar’ (restorative/meditative) in order to bring balance to the whole system.  She pays great attention to the quality of breath supporting the movement and the alignment in the posture.

Classes are open to all, regardless of ability, age or gender. Modifications of postures, whether more or less challenging, are always introduced to adapt them according to the needs of each student.

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