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One to one Yoga &  Yoga Therapy

I'm a Yoga therapist trained by Sadhana Mala, within the tradition of Krishnamacharya & T.K.V Desikachar, and graduated from  Shiva Rea's program Soulfull Wellness as Wellness Guide.

One to one Yoga is the way to go if you're interested in deepening  your Yoga practice  or learn Yoga in a sytematic way, as well as

  • develop  a personal Yoga practice tailored to their needs/ level.

  • deepen and extend your practice of yoga – working with more challeging postures and techniques not usually taught in a group class (e.g. headstand, lotus posture, strong backbends, more complex breathing techniques, etc …

  • have a detailed feedback and advice on your practice.

  • Explore in depth diferent aspects of Yoga as posture, breath, meditation and philosophy.

  • acquire a deeper understanding of Yoga as a whole.


Yoga therapy is one to one Yoga,  dedicated to address a therapeutic need with a practice tailored to you needs when general Yoga is not accessible or recomended.

With Yoga thereapy  we can

  •  address a therapeutic need with a home practice.

  • recover from a injury or surgery or simply navigate through life changes and challenges. 

  • Get weellness guidance  and life style coaching.

These sesions can take place at your place or via Zoom.

Yoga for smalls groups at home or at the work place is also available on request.


Antenatal  and Postnatal  one to one sessions face to face and online are also available.

Cost: £55 for one hour session face to face  or Zoom.

£225 for  5 sessions block open for 6 months.

First session will include 30 minutes extra free consultation.

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